Turning a New Page

Some of you who routinely read my posts already know that I’ve been working on a new book. The original idea stems back several years ago when I had the idea that the same self-defense techniques taught to karate students could apply to a business, or any other type of organization.

The idea eventually grew into the whole concept of Business Karate, which I incorporated into this blog and my website. It is a way to combine my interest in martial arts with the business of protection and the protection of business.

The book, Workplace Security Essentials, covers all the basic principles throughout the 14 chapters. For example, one chapter covers employee threats based on the idea of learning to throw a punch. A punch is really best for a very close target as compared to a kick that has more reach. Employees are very close to the most vital assets of an organization and can often cause the most damage and loss.

Throughout the book, I used real-life examples, many from my own experience in law enforcement as well as security management. There are numerous examples, such as tables, forms and other tools throughout the book to help a reader enhance their own organization’s security program.

Of course, it has not been an easy process. In fact, it was very eye opening. I had always pictured writers working alone over a typewriter in some remote country home. Instead, I quickly learned that writing was a matter of putting in a busy day doing all the normal work, then stealing every little block of time to work on the book. There were also many evenings and weekends, I had to tell my kids ‘no’ when they wanted to do something fun – taking them to the park to play basketball or even going for one of their favorite “zombie runs.”

But, finally, the book is done and just released on Amazon by the publisher, as well as on the publisher’s site (Elsevier). I got my copies about a week ago and I have to say that it was thrilling to see and hold the finished product in my hand!

So now, in a manner of speaking, it is time to turn a new page. With the book done, I will be turning to marketing it. Not only that, but I am ready to start work on more books. I have several ideas, including some fiction novels and want to get those written in the near future. I will take a more realistic view of any schedules and deadlines so I don’t miss those valuable family times. I also plan to spend more time working on this blog again.

Speaking of turning a new page – if you are looking to turn a new page, may I suggest turning the pages in my latest book, Workplace Security Essentials. I’ll make it easy for you – you can order a copy by just clicking this link: http://www.amazon.com/Workplace-Security-Essentials-Organizations-Environments/dp/0124165575/


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Eric Smith, CPP is the leading authority on organizational self-defense. He has extensive experience in law enforcement as well as security management. Eric is available for staff education and security awareness training as well as business coaching to help organizations provide safe workplaces. To learn more email Eric at businesskarate dot com.



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