Security Tip: Know Your Industry Risks

Every business has its own unique challenges. Security and crime concerns are one of those challenges. Some businesses may be at a higher risk of robbery, others may be more likely to encounter violent behavior and some may have safety issues such as chemicals and hazardous materials.
A robbery will most likely happen at a business dealing in high-value items, such as cash. Think of banks. Liquor stores and even pharmacies are frequent targets for those looking for artificial ways to enhance their lives. Working in isolation or out in the community adds to the risks, such as taxi drivers or convenience store clerks.
Other industries may be more exposed to violent attacks. Hospital workers, for example, are at a higher risk of assault due to the interactions with patients dealing with substance abuse and withdrawal, as well as those with mental illness.
Think about the crime risks or dangers simply due to the type of industry where you work. Once you realize the general dangers at work, you will be ready to take the right steps to keep those perils away.
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