Marketing Security - A Great Story to Tell

            The security industry faces many challenges. The business of protection is often misunderstood or even seen as a necessary evil. Numerous stereotypes portray security personnel as bumbling and incompetent.

            These obstacles make building support difficult and actually make it harder to protect an organization without that understanding and support.

            There is good news. Security does play a vital role in helping businesses. I recently spoke in a webinar on how to market security and build support for the security program.

            The webinar is available to watch on the Security Magazine hosted website. If you want to learn more about successfully marketing security and moving the department from second-rate to first place, then click on the link below to connect with the webinar.

            Click here or copy and paste the URL below.

The webinar will be available until November 2014.

Eric Smith, CPP is the leading authority on organizational self-defense. He has extensive experience in law enforcement as well as security management. Eric is available for staff education and security awareness training as well as business coaching to help organizations provide safe workplaces. To learn more email Eric at businesskarate dot com.



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