7 Secret Agent Hints to be Victorious at Work

The idea that a super spy and your success at work could be related is probably as foreign as, well, as James Bond's exotic travel and lifestyle. Even so, there are some lessons about what it takes to be successful at work from the fictional secret agent.

You do not have to face death-defying odds or evil villains at your job. You may not even travel to cool international destinations or drive a fast car or have an assortment of secret gadgets. However, there are common keys to success that you can use at work as well.

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The James Bond character is known for being well-dressed, always pulling off a defeat of the bad guy from the brink of disaster, saving the world and, of course, winning the heart of the beautiful heroine in the end. You are on your own when it comes to winning the girl, but in the other areas, following these 7 steps will help you build your own professional reputation and create steps to your own success.

1.      Knowledgeable. James Bond always knows some obscure or bizarre trivia or information that helps him impress the boss as well as save the day from the bad guy. Rare orchids to business leaders are just some of the examples of the little facts that come into play in the movies. For your own success, first you have to know your business. Understand the many different aspects internally that affect how the organization works, as well as the market forces outside that drive consumers.

2.     Be professional. Being knowledgeable will take you far, but to cross the finish line ahead of the competition you have to look and act professional. Bond is known for being well dressed. Whether nightlife in a tuxedo or tweed jacket for the English countryside, Bond is the picture of professionalism. Dress to the level you want to reach within your company and act with class. Leave the crude talk and profanity at home, if you must talk that way at all.

3.     Never give up. Throughout the stories, both the books and movies, James Bond never gives up. No matter how bad the situation looks or how dire the circumstances, Bond keeps fighting for himself, for those he cares for and even for the safety of the world. No matter what, he finds a way to keep fighting and a way to win. When things get tough at work, keep moving forward and stay focused on what you need to do to succeed. It is truly a state of mind more than anything else.
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4.     Flexible and Decisive. Throughout his missions, Bond often stumbles across new tips or leads and even if that means a change to the original plan, he is flexible enough to jump on those new pieces of information and change direction. Do not stay so focused on your original goals that you are unable to change or adapt to new information or circumstances. Once new information comes to light, being flexible allows you to see different alternatives, but to follow through you have to be decisive. Throughout the books and movies, Bond can visualize his objectives and makes up his mind that he will follow through to the end.

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5.     Take risks. Danger is the companion of movie secret agents and Bond is no exception. Be willing to take calculated chances and willing to expose yourself to some level of risk in order to succeed. Do not let fear hold you back, but instead picture the success your risks will bring. Remember that failure to do anything is often far more dangerous than taking some action or response to a potentially hazardous business situation.

6.     Use secret gadgets. We live in a high tech world. Do not lose sight that new technology could change how you operate your business or how your customers shop and make buying decisions, even if you do not personally like or use the new devices. Bond always seems to pull out the right gadget at the most appropriate time to save himself and the world from disaster. Use whatever means you need to in order to make the best use of your time, reach your customers or keep ahead of the competition.

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7.     Enjoy. There is no doubt that Bond has a certain ‘joie de vivre’. He enjoys life, from selecting the best meal off a dinner menu or choosing the accompanying wine, to the way he drives, the women he dates and even the quirky one-liners that are perfectly scripted for him. At the end of the day, to be truly successful at work, or at anything, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Do not lose sight of the fun factor, no matter what career you find yourself. Even if you are not a super spy, living a top-secret life.

Use these top-secret tips to find your own success and come out ahead on the job, no matter what kind of work you are in. And remember, this message will self-destruct in five seconds…


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