Take Bold Action for Bold Results

Recently, I came across a mention of William the Conqueror.  It occurred to me that his invasion of England in 1066 had a drastic change on history and even impacted our language, adding French influences.  Why did he attack England?  I don’t remember the historic details, but recall that through family ties he had a remote claim to be King of England as well as whatever title he held already in Normandy, France.  He could have made his appeals through the courts of the day and stayed living royally in France, but decided instead to mount an attack on King Harold.
William the Conqueror Crossing the Channel (Wiki Commons)
He organized his army and transported them across the English Channel to attack.  Harold rushed to meet him, weary after fending off another attack on his eastern shores.  The battle raged on throughout the day.  At one point, William the Conqueror was struck off his horse and word spread quickly that he had died.  His army began to fall apart and retreat until William ran around, showing that he was still alive.  He was able to rally his army and continue the attack.  His victory was sealed after King Harold was killed by archers.  William of Normandy became William the Conqueror.  Bold action!  How many of the historical characters that we know of are a result of bold action?  Not many history books document the lack of exploits by Ted the Timid.
This ability to take an idea or even a desire and turning that into action is what has achieved greatness and great results.  Bold ideas, bold planning and bold follow-through!  Bold because often the risks were enormous – even life itself.
Fortunately, leaders today don’t have to worry about being hung or beheaded or imprisoned.  So what holds us back from bold action?  Fear?  Our fears of being fired or making enemies or stepping on toes pale when compared to the historical figures of greatness.
What do you want to achieve this year?  What is keeping you from that?  Is there some type of action that you can take to overcome your obstacles?  When we face challenges or barriers it is too easy to slip back into our comfort zones and not try to get around those.  Imagine if William the Conqueror had not gotten out of his comfort zone and had stayed in France.  The history of England and ultimately, the United States, would have been changed in incredible ways.  America may have been a French and Spanish colony without English influence.  Our entire world would be almost unrecognizable. 
So what are you going to conqueror this year?
Be bold, take action and make the changes that you need to achieve your goals, whether that is within your organization or for yourself to accomplish a dream or objective that you hesitate to pursue.

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