Karate Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all around town
People were bustling and shopping and scurrying around

On top of it all, over the noise of the traffic, all across the city
Carolers could be heard with a happy holiday ditty

Most of them had a heart full of cheer
But there were a few, a dark few, with a grinch-like leer

For their thoughts were on thievery and robbery
Car break-ins, burglary and other nefarious skullduggery

But don’t worry or let your holidays be ruined with fear
Simply follow a few of the security tips presented here

Remember if going out for the night
Set a timer to turn on a light

Christmas decorations hanging from the rooftop with care
When turned off, tell a burglary ‘no reason to beware’

If someone tries to take your wallet or purse
Trying to fight them may make it worse

But if your life is in danger, then fight tooth and nail
Yell, scream, kick and bite and don’t stop until you prevail

In a busy mall, tell your kids, if lost, find a store clerk
Teach them to seek help rather than some perverted jerk

Identity theft is always a popular scam
So be alert to fraudsters on the lam

Since I am running out of rhymes
And this may be a waste of your time

Read the additional tips lower down
And don’t let security worries make you frown

In any case, while you’re out and about at play
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

            To help keep your holidays safe and happy, Business Karate offers the following tips:

If you’re traveling:

      Get an automatic timer for your lights, including outdoor Christmas lights.  A home decorated with lights left off in the evening is an open invitation to potential burglars, letting them know that no one is home.

      Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home, shovel snow and even park their car in your driveway.

      Be sure to have the mail and newspaper delivery stopped or picked up by a neighbor.

If you’re out for the evening:

      Turn on lights and a radio or TV to make it appear that someone is home.

      Don’t leave gifts where they can be seen from outside.

      Be careful about locking all doors and windows, even if leaving for a short time.  The majority of burglaries occur through unlocked or open doors and windows.

While shopping:

      Stay alert and be aware of what is going on around you.

      Park in well-lit areas and be sure to lock your car.  Keep shopping bags and gifts in the trunk, out-of-sight.

      Avoid carrying lots of cash; use a credit card or check whenever possible.

      Be alert to persons using cell phones with cameras behind you in checkout lines.  Identity thieves may try to obtain you credit card numbers and driver’s license information through cell phone photos and use the information later for Internet purchases.

      Don’t leave your wallet or purse unattended – it will make a great target for a crook looking to go on a shopping spree with your credit cards.

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